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Over the summer, both you and your student will be going through transitions and adjustments as they prepare to attend CU Boulder in the fall. To help, this newsletter has advice and experiences from other Buff families about what they wish they had known in the months leading up to their student’s first semester at CU Boulder. Additionally, we have tips on how to have a difficult conversation with your student, information on maintaining a positive perspective and resources to help your student as they adjust to a new academic environment.


"I wish I had known..."

Last year, we asked Buff families what they wished they had known in the summer months leading up to their student’s first semester at CU Boulder. Many families responded with valuable advice, stories of their own experiences and tips to help you and your student prepare for the fall semester. Read what they had to say.


How to have a difficult conversation

There may be certain topics you’d like to discuss with your student before they leave, and even though these topics are approached with the best intentions, it can sometimes turn into a difficult conversation. Preparing for these interactions, whatever they may be, can help make us all feel more productive and positive this summer. Learn more about how to have a difficult conversation.


Keeping it Low-Key

Since your student announced their decision to attend CU Boulder, they’ve probably gotten a lot of questions—what they will study, where they will live, which clubs or teams they will join—and that’s just the beginning. Whether they think they know the answers already, learn more how keeping it all in perspective is key to empowering your student to have a positive experience.


Your student's academic transition

First-year students will go through an academic adjustment process as they become accustomed to different environments and expectations than they may have had in high school. Some students may need to adopt different study habits and develop time management skills. Encourage your student to take advantage of these free, on-campus academic resources to help with the adjustment process and set them up for a successful semester.

Buff Family Advice

“Book accommodations for Family Weekend early, so you can stay close to campus and enjoy the festivities. If you want housing for sophomore year, you can start looking at Family Weekend and hopefully get it settled by December of freshman year. Those who wait until spring semester are really at a disadvantage.” – CU Buff parent

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