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Hello Buff Families,

I want to first welcome you to the Buff family. Today I am announcing how we are returning to campus in August in a way that minimizes health and safety risks while ensuring a robust academic and campus experience. 

Our Road Map to Fall 2020 calls for beginning in-person and remote classes as scheduled on Aug. 24 and moving to fully remote classes after fall break in November. It prioritizes health and safety considerations required to minimize risk and enables student success through an on-campus academic model that accommodates both in-person and remote learning

A COVID-19 Ready Campus Experience
Some of the mitigation measures outlined by CU Boulder’s plan are:

  • On-campus capability for COVID-19 testing of students, faculty and staff, both to continuously monitor for potential spread and to test individuals with symptoms.
  • Rapid response teams for tracking, notification and isolation of infected individuals.
  • Mandatory safety training for on-campus faculty, staff and students.
  • Updated student code of conduct and related policies to include compliance with COVID-19 public health requirements.
  • Residence hall spaces for quarantining and isolation.

Academic Instruction
Key elements of the Academic Instruction section of the plan include:

  • A regular 16-week semester term beginning on Aug. 24, with the option for faculty to offer some courses, as appropriate, in 8-week sessions during the overall semester.  
  • In-person classes through Wednesday, Nov. 25, with remote teaching after that to allow your student to travel and remain home until the spring semester begins.
  • Building community through a first-year academic experience by taking classes with a small cohort of their peers.
  • Reducing the density of students in classrooms through a suite of methods that includes splitting single classes into multiple sessions and utilizing larger spaces.
  • Extending class scheduling to use the entire day, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., to decrease student density on campus.

Resource Alignment
Key elements of the Resource Alignment section of the plan include:

  • Investment in testing, masks, training, physical distancing supplies and public health awareness.
  • Investment in instructional technology to support student and teaching success.
  • Zero tuition increase (approved by the Board of Regents on May 19). 
  • Waiving the Residential Academic Program fees for all first-year students in residence halls.

The Road Map emphasizes that the implementation process will evolve, and that the campus will continue to update and improve the model based on feedback received. 

As family members of new Buffs, I want to thank you for your flexibility and adaptability in these highly unusual times. Please stay tuned for additional information.

We are Buffs Together,

Philip P. DiStefano
University of Colorado Boulder

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